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Third Quarter Update

Family of Loving Disciples is entering the latter half of 2018 providing more support and discipleship for the hill tribe young people in northern Thailand. Praise the Lord and our sincere thanks to everyone who pray and support our mission work.

Lahu orphans worship
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Discipleship training

Teaching and training future Christian leaders for the Akha hill tribes. Young leaders from Akha Shine fellowship represent a tour de force of young Akha leaders in northern Thailand. They plan and execute several youth camps every year, serve various Akha churches deep in the northern mountains, and set examples for a new generation of young people. Training them in the Word of God and the ministries of God is an important aspect of FOLD’s mission work.

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As the children from Home of the Blessed Orphanage grow in wisdom and stature, planning for their future educational paths becomes an important part of our ministry. With nine children entering junior high school and one about to graduate from it, FOLD is discussing and praying with their caretakers and assessing the financial support they need.

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We are so excited to have started our brand new yardwork ministry for the hill tribe students from Chiang Rai’s College of Agriculture. FOLD supplies yardwork equipment for these students to do yardwork, which is an emerging field for the growing housing development in Chiang Rai. Compared to the farm work they used to pickup to supplement their education, yardwork pays better and frees up more time for these student to attend Sunday services and fellowships.

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God’s love brought us together

Three years ago, our family’s initial four members (Stephen, Wendy, Priscilla, and Paulina) decided to heed God’s prompting and received five Akha daughters/sisters into our family. Today, one of them is about graduate from university with honor, two are successful second year college students, and two more are completing their technical college trainings. Priscilla and Paulina are both enjoying their time at the Chiang Rai International Christian School. Our family is ever so grateful for God’s blessing from above.

  Prayer items

1. Please pray for our family’s spiritual and physical health.

2. Please pray for FOLD’s supported hill tribe young people’s education, physical health, and their relationship with our Lord Jesus.

3. Please pray for our yardwork ministry; for the Lord to bless needy students attending the college of agriculture with fitting amount of work. So they will receive enough financial support and free up enough time for church and fellowship life.

4. Please pray for Wendy's volunteer teaching at the Chiang Rai International Christian School.

Family Of Loving Disciples

​          F. O. L. D.

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