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Life Case Management

case mangers assess and provide practical support for underprivileged young people advancing to higher education such as college and technical high school.

Support include:

  • Academic scholarship

  • Housing expenses

  • Living expenses

  • Academic counseling

  • Tutorial services

Life Discipleship Training 

Small discipleship groups for each student over the course of the students’ academic pursuit. Discipleship activities include:

  • Solid biblical truths teaching. 

  • Personal devotion training.

  • Serving hilltribe churches.  

  • Evangelism activities to local hill tribes, serving the poor and destitute.

Ministry collaboration

In addition to FOLD’s own effort in helping and training the hill-tribe young people in Northern Thailand, FOLD ‘s disciple making strategy also involves extensive collaboration with local missions organizations. We partner with Overseas Fellowship to train up hill-tribe young people to be disciples of Jesus. Discipleship training involves Biblical truth training, Biblical life lessons, ministry training, and serving the local hill-tribe churches. FOLD also collaborates with Home of the Blessed Children’s Home to raise and train up hill-tribe orphans to be disciples of Jesus.

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Family Of Loving Disciples

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