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2nd Quarter Update

Thailand has been hit by a 3rd wave of corona virus since April. The Delta variant has become the dominant virus here and confirmed cases per day has moved from under 10 to over 15,000. With the shortage of vaccine and hospital facilities, Thailand has entered into a dangerous period unseen before. We have much less cases in the northern region, but are taking serious precautions to minimize transmission. There has only been 2 large group gatherings for us since April. Most of our support for students turned to online format or one on one meetings.

Home of the Blessed visitation 2-2021

We are so thankful to be able to support the training of three Bible college students. Each of them have received clear calling from God to a life of serving His church and preaching the Word. Nee (bottom Pic) have been with us since her days in vocational school. Through long-term prayers, counseling from FOLD, and the joy of serving orphans with us, she has committed to answer God’s call and entered Bangkok Bible Institute late 2020. Nee is gifted in serving children. She has been serving with FOLD to help Lahu tribal orphans since 2019.

Teaching the Word of God

Songkran is the youngest Bible college student we serve. He is a graduate from Home of the Blessed Orphanage that FOLD has been supporting. Over the past four years, we witnessed Songkran matured into the godly young man he is today. Songkran belongs to the tribe of Lahu. He has begun his studies in Berean Bible Institute in Chiang Rai.

2021 graduation

We had several student graduations during the month of April: 7 Elementary, 6 Middle school, 1 high school, 4 technical college, & 4 universities students. These are the fruits of their supporters’ tireless prayer, financial support, and loving kindness. And of course, our Lord’s amazing grace and mercy on these precious souls. We look forward to walk along side on the next chapters of their journey with Christ.

Somui has been under our support since his days at the College of Agriculture in Chiang Rai. He has always known about his calling to be a minister, but decided to acquire skill in agriculture first in order to assist with his evangelism days ahead. Somui’s parents are also ministers in Christ. Father belongs to the Karen tribe and mother belongs to the Akha tribe, resulting in him being very cross-cultural and multi-lingual. Somui’s burden is to lead God’s church based on the accurate interpretation of the Bible. He has begun his training in the Bethel Bible Institute of Chiang Rai.

college students worshipping with Lahu orphans

Prayer Items

Please pray for:

  1. Thailand to have the pandemic under control. For  the governing leaders to effectively secure vaccines

  2. Our students and children to stay diligent in wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands.

  3. Our young people and co-workers to put our hope in the Lord during this difficult time. For our relationship with Him to draw closer.

  4. us to be able to effectively use alternatives ways to serve the children and our young leaders

  5. Us to stay safe on the road and protected from accidents

Family Of Loving Disciples

​          F. O. L. D.

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