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To our loving supporters

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Above: Pastor Stephen teaching Lahu orphans Biblical truths through games.

Below: Young disciples' middle school graduation.

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As the school year draw to an end in northern Thailand, we reflect on the blessings God has showered onto to the young hill-tribe people supported by FOLD. Some are successfully completing their first year in university; while others are moving into their last year towards obtaining their bachelor’s degree. It is also the time for which many of the grade school kids have a chance to visit their family and relatives because of their summer break.  Summer break takes place from March to May in Thailand. These are the “hot season” months in Thailand, equivalent to the summer season of July to August some of us are more accustomed to.

Above: Young leaders serving at 1 of 4 youth camps in April.


On the spiritual front, young disciples in Akha Shine Fellowship have begun a series of teaching on the assurance of salvation. While they learn more truths from the Bible, they are concurrently serving the Lord full force in a series of youth camps (4 in April) and hill-tribe church ministries.

Below: Dawn at the youth camp site

Family of Loving Disciples sincerely thank all the loving brothers and sisters for your faithful prayers, encouragements, and financial support in 2018. To this date we have received $16,326 dollars for our mission effort in northern Thailand.  Our 2018 ministry estimate is $60,000 dollars. We appreciate your continual support for our mission effort in supporting discipling the hill tribe young people in northern Thailand.

Family Of Loving Disciples

​          F. O. L. D.

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